Letter to the Editor: Mail-in voting has a long history

Jay Pratt of Bridgeville should be careful what he wishes for (“Is mail-in voting an election setup?” Aug. 26). He posits a scenario wherein a presidential winner cannot be ascertained and, thus, Donald Trump remains in office.

Not so, according to the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Trump and Mike Pence are out as of noon Jan. 20 (unless the Electoral College certifies them as the winners when the college meets Dec. 14).

Hopefully, all the ballots will be counted well before this key event. Mail-in votes have been cast and counted for a very long time. Union soldiers — 150,000 of them — weighed in from the field in 1864. God bless them. And several Western states vote almost exclusively by mail, including Utah.

If we get to Dec. 15 with no clear winner, we will be in 1876 territory — fraught with intrigue, as history buffs recall. At that point, what happens in the House of Representatives? Who knows? But I do know this: A new president will take the oath at noon Jan. 20.

Craig Eliassen