Letter to the Editor: Marking the 75th anniversary of V-J Day

Pearl Harbor, Wake Island,

Corregidor and Bataan.

Just do what you can.

No Mamma, no Poppa, no Uncle Sam.

Through ’42 it all looked grim

Chances for a Marine were very slim.

At Guadalcanal they took a beating.

Odds for us still were fleeting.

At the Coral Sea they learned we’d stay.

’43 would be another day.

And at Midway, we had some blessings.

And gave Japan some flying lessons.

With ships at sea, and submarines,

Our jungle Army and U.S. Marines,

battled back

From that sneak attack.

To Iwo Jima from Guadalcanal,

To Okinawa from Mindanao,

Amidst the kamikazes and the storm

Vicious fighting was the enemy’s norm.

But with the Missouri in Tokyo Bay,

They had to act another way.

To the bomb resigned;

The peace they signed.

John T. Reardon