Letter to the Editor: Maxims of law and limited authorities and powers

The states do not have the authorities to supersede or violate the liberties and freedoms of the people. The Constitution is the means to control government. When members of a government organization in any capacity violate the Constitution, the crime that they have committed is treason! They swore an oath to uphold and to defend our rights and liberties of the people from all threats foreign and domestic.

When they become that domestic threat and they have violated the rules of office, they have also self-terminated their self from employment by breaching the contract of employment through the theft of the public’s trust, thus making them untrustworthy and unemployable.

Congress, who is the arbitrator of writing laws through constitutional amendments, has no authorities or powers to rescind any right, override any right, or to change any right into a privilege. These authorities have not been granted to any person or organization within government by the people. The government is restricted by maxims of law. Basically there are limits to what laws they can lawfully establish and create, for if this were not the case this would be a monarchy or dictatorship, not the United States of America or a constitutional republic.

And the government or the government officials, agencies or employees cannot grant themselves authorities above the restrictions placed by the Constitution. They do not have the authorities to grant themselves unlimited authorities or powers, for that is unlawful in our form of government.

If these people do not know what the Constitution states, they need to be removed from office. Their position in government is simple, to know a thing and to be bound to know a thing are equal in law.

Why would the states have requested and adopted enumerated restraints on the government’s power, subsequent to ratification of the Constitution if the government possessed the authority or powers to nullify them?

When the people established the controls and laws to govern government, it was to control both state government and federal government under the control of the people, for the people are the creators of both governments, and the restrictions applied equally to the created entities known as government, and to remain under the authorities of the people by the Constitution and are applied equally to the states and the federal government, so that the people remain and retain control of their liberties and freedoms, and not to be threatened by the existence of or by the creation of governments, local, state or federal.

Bill Sharpe

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