Letter to the Editor: MLK Boulevard is a mess

I am a resident of the MLK Boulevard corridor in downtown Dover and I’ve been appalled by the amount of litter thrown and left on the sidewalks of MLK, between Wawa and Legislative Hall, over the past several months.

Since I work downtown, I walk on this road several times per day and, despite my continued complaints to the city of Dover (mayor and council) and state legislators, the litter continues to pile up. Those who I have contacted have responded with sympathy, but state that the city doesn’t have the resources to deal with cleaning up the street that greets new visitors to our town.

After a while, seeing the trash on this street piling up really becomes disheartening and shows that our community has given up on itself. I am well aware that Dover has larger problems to deal with than littering, but I would imagine that showing some pride in our community, by actually keeping the streets clean, would help improve our image.

It may even encourage greater engagement among residents in my neighborhood, by showing that our town really does have value.

Ian Peters