Letter to the Editor: Moskowitz, Persinger right choices for Dewey Beach

I am asking for your vote. And if you choose to vote for a second commissioner, vote Gary Persinger. We are first and second on the ballot, so it’s as simple as a one-two punch: Vote to re-elect Commissioners David Moskowitz and Gary Persinger.

I have worked with Gary on numerous items these past few years, including preventing an increase in property owners’ seasonal parking rates, the town’s whistleblower policy and reducing the conditional use fee for small businesses.

As a full-time resident and parent living in Dewey Beach, I have an inherent interest in our town’s success. Beginning with my work as a member and leader of the Investment Committee, which helped the town make $1,027,075 in investment income, I have always put in the time and energy to help make Dewey Beach the best that it can be for all constituents. Read more about my background, qualifications and accomplishments at deweybeach2020.com.

Dewey Beach is at a critical juncture in choosing the right town manager, who will need to start from Day One on a list over a hundred items long. It’s important you vote, as the last election was decided by three voters. I would like to remain a voice and a force for providing more transparency and accountability for everything we do with our finances and our policies.

My votes have been and will be:
• Yes to responding to property owner concerns.
• Yes to helping the town work on its infrastructure issues.
• Yes to livestreams and upgrading the audio portion of public meetings.
• Yes to competitive bidding on town contracts.
• Yes to recording police calls and radio transmissions.

• No to raising the 3% rental tax.
• No to a backdoor property tax.
• No to increasing property owners’ seasonal parking rates.

There are three ways to vote in the Sept. 26 election: mail-in absentee, in-person absentee and in person on Election Day. Go to deweybeach2020.com/vote for detailed instructions.

I hope you can support me with your vote. I will support you with mine.

David Moskowitz
Commissioner, town of Dewey Beach