Letter to the Editor: Murphy vote is one for respect, support

I have known Lee Murphy from kindergarten to present, from Cub Scouts through high school, where Lee was an outstanding athlete and senior class vice president. With a college degree, Lee started as a blue-collar laborer to provide the best for his family. Motivated to succeed, he worked through management, retiring with an outstanding record. As many of us have, Lee lived through difficult, heartbreaking times, which molded his firm, personal values.

The Lee Murphy I know is an honest, spiritual, personable patriot, who loves this country and all it has to offer. He respects the God-given freedoms granted to each citizen by our founders and our Constitution. Lee is not a family-legacy professional politician. His life and accomplishments clearly display deep, inner commitments.

A vote for Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress is one for positive, respectful support of all citizens’ rights and the future of Delaware and America. Lee has my vote.

Gary Dunham