Letter to the Editor: Murphy will represent all Delawareans

U.S. Congress candidate Lee Murphy is the strong fighter for all Delawareans who we need to represent us.

We have only one representative in Congress, so it’s even more critical that it be someone who represents all of us and supports policies and programs for the best safety, health and progress of every Delawarean. The incumbent sides with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but Lee Murphy sides with the citizens of Delaware.

As a former teacher and coach, Lee supports school choice. As a father, he is fighting the opioid crisis and supports the Second Amendment and carefully trained law enforcement professionals for the safety of our communities. As an advocate for quality economic growth, he is working to bring manufacturing to Delaware from China.

While employed by the railroad, Lee was dedicated and worked his way from conductor to management, and he will use that same hard work to fight in Congress for what benefits our state and all its citizens.

If you see and hear Lee speak, you will immediately notice the strength, integrity and genuine caring of this fighter for Delawareans.

Delaware needs its sole representative to the U.S. Congress to be a strong fighter for the good of all Delawareans. Lee Murphy is that person, and that’s why I’m voting for Lee Murphy for U.S. Congress on Nov. 3.

Karen Smiga