Letter to the Editor: No, our prisons are not safe

Ongoing public comments in response to articles about COVID-19 in our prisons say things like “Who cares about criminals?” or “Why bother with prisoners?” Clearly, such people ignore the basic human right not to die from abominable health care in a place where health care is legally required, but they also are blissfully unaware that there are tens of thousands of innocent people in our prisons.

A recent Delaware State News article asks: “Are Delaware inmates safe from COVID?” (July 26) The public should hear the truth to counter the information coming from Department of Correction officials, and anyone who knows what really is going on inside our prisons knows that the resounding answer to the question is: “Hell no!”

I get calls, letters and emails from inmates and their loved ones every day. And several times a month, I speak with a couple of guards who know me well, but cannot talk on the record for fear of retaliation by the DOC. So I remind readers, again, that one cannot believe statements by DOC personnel. I have seen it, heard about it, and written about “Culture of Cover Up.”

Readers, we all should be concerned about the appalling conditions of our prisons,  especially their “health care”!

Ken Abraham
Former prosecutor and founder
of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover