Letter to the Editor: No response on violence carries meaning

On July 9, I emailed U.S. Sen. Chris Coons asking why he had not made any public statements concerning the violent acts of protesters in our country or commending the actions of police and first responders who have been injured and killed upholding the law and defending the public.

I received an email response from a staffer noting that she handles public safety and first responder issues for the senator and would be happy to discuss his role as co-chair of the Senate Law Enforcement Caucus, but she avoided responding to my query.

A follow-up note three weeks later resulted in an offer to meet with the senator’s chief of staff or state director for additional background on his consistent support of law enforcement in the U.S. Senate. She again avoided my original question, which has also been asked by others concerned about the unrest in our nation.

To be perfectly clear, staffers are neither elected nor answerable to citizens, but elected officials, particularly those who represent us at the national level are. Sen. Coons and Sen. Tom Carper and Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution to protect citizens.

I support the right to peacefully protest, but not the lawless actions of admitted Marxists who riot, loot, maim, murder and threaten all who oppose them. If those who represent us don’t openly support our basic right to be safe and secure in our homes, they should be voted out of office.

To the best of my knowledge, none of these three officials has made any public statements denouncing or addressing the issue of violence in Portland, Oregon; Seattle; Chicago; New York City; or even here in Delaware.

As a proud patriot, Vietnam veteran and retired police officer, I am highly offended by these acts of violence that involve desecration of our flag, assaults on police officers and firemen, defunding of police budgets, destruction of property, looting, threats and creating panic and fear in citizens as our elected officials remain mute.

Americans have sacrificed lives and suffered long-term injuries in war to preserve democracy and freedoms for our citizens and beyond.

In conclusion, I and a host of my colleagues expect a straightforward, public response from elected officials about whether they support law and order and those who uphold it. In essence, a continued absence of a response to lawlessness is in itself a response.

Paul Davis