Letter to the Editor: None call it treason now

Hardly a day goes by in the news cycle without some politician or oh-so-virtuous citizen decrying the shame they feel about Civil War statues depicting leaders or soldiers of the losing side because they committed treason against our country by fighting against it. Who can forget the attack by the South Carolina militia against the federal facility Fort Sumter in April 1861? Treason, that’s what it was, and it kicked off the Civil War.

Now, fast-forward 160 years to today, and we have similar situations all across our country. In the city of Portland, we had federal officers and facilities being attacked nightly by evil militias of antifa and others. The defenders are being subjected to explosives and hurled objects. The buildings are being damaged, while the civilian officials look on and accept the attacks. Sounds a lot like Sumter to me, yet the silence from the left about “treason” or “insurrection” says they have a different definition for those words now.

Jim Melville