Letter to the Editor: Nonpartisan option for Sussex council

Elect a problem-solver to Sussex County Council, not a partisan.

Voters in District 3 have a chance this year to do something that is seldom, if ever, possible — choose a nonpartisan, highly competent person to serve on the Sussex County Council, rather than a candidate from the usual options, Democrat or Republican. Voters will need to work a little harder on Election Day or whenever they cast a ballot, but it will be worth it.

Patti Drago, a Lewes resident with extensive business experience, a law degree and an unblemished record of community service has launched the uphill battle as a write-in candidate. After Republicans chose a candidate in their Sept. 15 primary, more than half of the voters in District 3 were left without a voice in choosing their next County Council member. No Democrat is running. In Delaware’s closed primary system, neither Democrats nor registered Independents would have a voice. Yet, important issues face district residents: traffic congestion and seemingly unrestrained development, as well as the need to diversify the county economy, provide services to many retirees and confront the challenges of current and future flooding.

Vote for change in 2020. Choose the nonpartisan option. Write in “Patti Drago” for Sussex County Council District 3 on Nov. 3 or write in her name on your mail-in ballot. Voters do have a choice, and it’s a good one.

Joseph A. Pika