Letter to the Editor: Opiate addiction

I am a addict in recovery now but it took me 14 years of treatment and being in programs that had rules that changed almost daily. Finally I had enough of the misery and a near-death experience but I made it.

I’m writing this letter because we are hearing and reading about different states that are going after the pharmaceutical companies to get compensated for the crisis we are in. I was a successful business owner before I went to the dentist for a crown replacement. I left his office that day with a prescription for 60 Vicodin pills. I was a 40-year-old auto mechanic and these pills made me feel 20 again.

Needless to say, I spent 3,900 dollars worth of dental work the next two months. All I had to do was call him and pick more up at the pharmacy. Then I had my family doctor giving me Percocet every month because I had slight knee pain. Well I lost my business, two houses a 36-foot sport fishing boat and my summer place at the beach.

I never have seen or read any help for the people that had their lives taken because of the doctors and prescription companies. Help with recovery has just started to have an effect. When I was trying to get clean they would throw you out for any little thing they could. I think the companies and doctors should have to compensate the people who had their lives ruined.

If my doctor would have told me how addictive opiates were I never would have taken them. I never imagined it would ruin my life the way it did. I just want everyone to know just because you get it from a doctor, don’t think that it is OK because it’s not.

Hopefully enough of us in recovery will come together and sue for a little bit of the lives we had taken from us

George Prentice