Letter to the Editor: Pandemic brings out best/worst in humanity

Care poured out from compassionate hearts when the virus first hit; doors to greedy hearts were also opened.

Nurses, doctors and first responders willingly jumped on the front line to help those stricken with this deadly disease, while others jumped on the unemployment bandwagon to accept what was stupidly distributed from our government, while doing absolutely nothing to help the situation.

Unemployment benefits should have been distributed at the regular rate, so as not to aid the lazy. Haters of President Donald Trump cashed their stimulus checks, cursing our president to and from the bank; supporters were grateful for the help.

This crisis has opened many eyes to an already volatile government situation: too much liberalism on the Democratic side, not enough push and power on the Republican. Crime, which was already running rampant, has passed an all-time high; politics and the media are just as ugly as ever, if not uglier; and not a thing is being done about it.

Punishment never fits the crime. A slap on the wrist is usually what is done. while the innocent suffer at the hands of the wicked. All is not lost; with continued prayer and faith, the flip side of this eye-opener is that America will come out on top again. It may take a major stand from the citizens, but the U.S.A. will be great again. Adversity (the virus) is always a double-edged sword that brings out the best and the worst. We do have options.

Debbie Hilton