Letter to the Editor: Pandemic deep thinking raises questions

Churches for the most part have silently caved to the COVID-19 restrictions. Even when restaurants opened to 25% and then 50%-60%, churches, for the most part, remained closed.

Everyone is saying you must sanitize everything, including the walls, after and between services.

Do restaurants sanitize my chair, table and the wall next to me when I leave? My thought is they don’t!

Remember how churches were silenced by Adolf Hitler? Well, they are now silenced by the governor, etc.

If church leaders and ministers really believed God is in charge, not man, they would have spoken up months ago.

Are churches really teaching God’s word or watering it down? Are ministers today still being called? Are churches now just a sort of nonprofit organization?

This pandemic has given me and perhaps you as a reader lots of time for deep thinking.

Angie Emerson