Letter to the Editor: Pandemic fears and guidelines

With the COVID-19 pandemic storm of concerns overtaking the world, our leaders have been working to eliminate misinformation and inform us of issues of interest affecting all sections of our lives.

The Trump administration is working hand-in-glove in all areas, focusing on federal, state and local governments, and including from the private sector the establishment financial and health safety measures.

We now have the best and brightest offering their candid, current, and direct information during coronavirus briefings. Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a guardian angel for us all.

We have not experienced such national upheaval since 9/11. The deluge of businesses informing employees to work from home is correct. Self-isolation is key to minimizing public contact. 

With all that stated, a main issue of concern – after healthcare security is established – will be the many money factors governing our lives. 

With so many living from paycheck to paycheck, that hit in the pocketbook is disastrous. How will they pay rent, mortgage, food, and monthly bills? 

Federal, state, and local governments must discover a way to lessen and eliminate those grave financial issues, and expedite te funds to hard-working Americans who have been deprived of their financial resources. Show them the money! 

We have the right people in place to look out for our well-being along with the coronavirus health demands. We now need financial experts and financiers to create and swiftly implement these vital plans for America to survive this COVID-19-related crises.

Another area of distress is the supply and demand situation. The supply is fine, constant, and equipped to resupply the unstacked shelves we see at the neighborhood stores. 

The demand is the area where hoarding has become the problem. This over-abundance of product purchasing is unnecessary and definitely unwarranted. Stop hoarding!

COVID-19 is not a political football for combatant politicians to use to escalate and condemn each other in efforts to enhance and boost their political agendas. This is an inclusive effort to battle this deadly disease, confirming our victory over this on-going national nightmare. Stay strong!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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