Letter to the Editor: Pandemic hero found in gift shop

Having friends confined to hospitals is very difficult for the patient and the family. All alone without the touch of a loved one is hard on both the patient and their caring family and friends.

Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus, went the extra mile in getting a gift to a dear friend hospitalized for two weeks now with COVID-19. In speaking with my friend, she said everything tasted like salt and she longed for a taste of chocolate. I called the gift shop, which has helped me before with excellent service, and requested something chocolate be sent to her. The shop did not have any chocolate.

I was disappointed but I understood and explained my friend’s request. The lady said that the café had chocolate for sale. I asked if they could send some to the room. She said, “No, but I can. I’ll take care of it for you,” and she did. That is service above and beyond. That is a person who really cares about her job and whom she serves.

This is not the first time that I relied on the gift shop at both Bayhealth’s Kent Campus and Sussex Campus to communicate “thinking of you” for me. The personnel in these facilities deserve a loud round of applause. Needless to say, when I next talked to my friend, she had received her sweets and was in tears with gratitude. She said the chocolate tasted so good.

Thank you Bayhealth Kent and Bayhealth Sussex for your help.

Grace and Jim Corcoran