Letter to the Editor: Peeking inside the OK Corral

This particular horse stable is triangular. Chief Supreme Court Justice Roberts’ horse is the most powerful and fastest horse in the barn with the best pedigree. However, his horse developed a case of hiccups and has been scratched from the race. Nevertheless, Justice Roberts was appointed to resolve the outcome of the race that resulted in a photo finish. However he has developed a case of the hiccups too and may also decide to scratch himself from judging the outcome of the race.

Either the horse owned by the Democrats on the left side of the barn or the horse owned by the Republicans on the right side of the barn will be declared the winner. To the forefront comes the retiring distinguished senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, to announce the result of the photo finish.

Bingo, Presto, Doggonit, the male horse in the Democratic stable is declared the winner as the senator announces that the Republican filly horse named after President Trump was guilty of ”inappropriate” abuse and obstruction.

However, instead of declaring a winner, Lamar declares that the winner of the race must be declared by the fans in the stands through an electoral ballot in a rematch of this race in November. He then departs for greener pastures in Tennessee in hopes of curing his onset of acid reflux disease saying, “Let the chips fall where they may next November.“ Game on!

His comrades on the right applaud him and pass out the Alka Seltzers and take the saddle off their horse named “Trumpeter.“ They are celebrating their overcoming of the odds that were strongly against them based on the factual outcome of the race. They lost but won. Go figure. What a sigh of relief! Winning is everything to them even though they lost the soul of the nation as well as the race by foul play. That is not OK in any OK Corral.

Bill Clemens
Rehoboth Beach