Letter to the Editor: Petters is dedicated to families

This year, all Kent County voters have an opportunity to elect a four-year clerk of the peace candidate who sees serving in this office as more than providing a ceremonial role for marriage services.

Kim Petters is the right person to serve as Kent County clerk of the peace. Her love and natural ability to work with all walks of life is what Kent County needs now more than ever. Kim follows the law and is inclusive.

Once elected, she plans on providing resources through partnerships in our local community, so young and/or new couples have the support system they need for a happy marriage. “I believe strong marriages and healthy families build a better community,” she writes on her website.

Kim is an Iraq war veteran and earned several service medals while on active duty. She completed her Bachelor of Science in early childhood education and her Associate of Art in public health and allied health. While on active duty (2002-12), she met her fellow service member and future husband, Wade Petters. In 2013, Kim, Wade and their four young children moved to Magnolia.

Kim serves her community through volunteer work, fundraising and advocacy. She is an active member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3238 and has championed medical access to help those with PTSD. She recently convinced Levy Court to open our shuttered outdoor county playgrounds.

It’s time in Kent County to elect a married clerk of the peace. Please vote for Kim Petters for clerk of the peace Nov. 3.

Stephanie Steckel