Letter to the Editor: Postal service changes concerning with election coming up

I am concerned by recent changes to the U.S. Postal Service. President Donald Trump has appointed a Republican donor as the new Postal Service head. He is making changes to the post office that will dramatically reduce the quality of service we can expect.

One change is to reduce the number of “park points” or times a carrier stops to make deliveries on foot. Trump wants to micromanage how carriers organize their routes. The change that will have the biggest effect is to “leave on the floor” any mail that comes in after a carrier has left the building (even if a delivery truck was delayed). Currently, later arriving mail will be taken out immediately for delivery.

Trump’s intention is to delay mail for the purpose of reducing the efficiency of the delivery so that businesses will choose another service deemed more reliable. In time, the Postal Service can be destroyed by this reduction in business.

But now, in the time of COVID-19 and a presidential election, this change takes on more menacing dimensions. It will cause delays in the delivery of medicine. It can affect the use of mail-in ballots by potentially making requests for a mail-in ballot later to arrive. Then, it may delay the receipt of mail-in ballots at the Department of Elections.

This eventuality concerns me because I have heard many objections to mail-in ballots by Trump. I fear that Trump is using the Postal Service to suppress voting. The post office is a service, so let’s keep the concept of service in its mandate.

Bruce Dalleo