Letter to the Editor: Postles’s representation sets him apart

Charles Postles is the clear choice to continue to represent Milford, Houston, Frederica, Bowers Beach and Magnolia as state representative for the 33rd District.

A lifelong member of our community, Charlie has a record of helping people long before he earned elected office. His efforts in support of improving the quality of education — first as a concerned parent, then as a school board member and later as its president — are well-known. He is known throughout the state for his efforts on behalf of Delaware agriculture, including his long service to Delaware farmers through Delaware Farm Bureau, Future Farmers of America, Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village and more.

He has worked hard, as a proprietor of a small business and as a farmer. Charlie knows what it is like to struggle with the vagaries of state regulations, to keep those who depend on you employed and to pay yourself last. His desire for an environment where people can create and maintain good jobs that led him to write and sponsor legislation protecting small business and individuals from costly, repetitive, unproductive regulations.

That is also why he has been such a resource and help to the people in the 33rd during this time of troubles. Many have come to know Charlie during the COVID-19 crisis, as he helped them navigate through the unemployment system or the small business relief system or the plain old bureaucratic morass where some folks find themselves. And, above all, Rep. Postles approaches his life, job and service to the community from the Christian perspectives of faith over fear and service over self.

Charlie has advocated for the need to open schools and small businesses safely but quickly. He continues to fight for the state Legislature to be a part of the conversation and decision-making on the lockdown rules and for transparency from the governor’s office. He is one of our best defenders of good government and will always protect our constitutional rights.

This is perhaps why Charles Postles has not only the support of Republicans and Independents in our local community, but many Democrats as well. Without reservation, I ask you to vote for Charles Postles for 33rd District representative.

Matt Bucher
Kent County Republican Committee chair