Letter to the Editor: Preserve the zoning on Route 24

I live in nearby Pinewater Farms, just off Rt. 24. I am concerned about the heavy traffic use on Rt. 24 now. It will get worse if the zoning gets changed to allow more businesses and stores to start popping up along Rt. 24.

The corner/light where the proposed 7-Eleven might be built is already very congested. The land is sloping and not even, and on an incline. How will trucks and cars pull in and out safely there? Also, if there are gas leakages, there it would have a detrimental effect on our water.

Those in charge of zoning have to consider the overall effect of additional buildings and development. Will this add anything to the community or make the community less desirable? It clearly decreases the desirability for the many homeowners who already live on or near Rt. 24.

Gas stations should be kept to the business-zoned areas and not allow to “bleed” into many residential areas. Rt. 24 is already very crowded. The addition of businesses brings more traffic lights, slower travel times, congestion, pollution, and possible water contamination.

I loved how places in Europe were and are carefully zoned to preserve their countryside, yet they had planned villages and business sections but located where it made sense. Go through the rolling English countryside and it is so refreshing not to see a Walmart or 7-Eleven around every bend. They appreciate their countryside and preserve it! Not the haphazardly way Sussex County seems to be doing.

Please don’t further change the character of where our homes are located by letting a foreign-owned business, namely 7-11, build an ugly, dirty, polluting station at the intersection of Angola Road and Rt. 24!! Not a good idea!!

There are other stations nearby that are fine. For example there is a gas station east at the area of Peddler’s Village, Valero’s, less than a mile away, and other stations about a mile away west at the intersection of Long Neck Road and Rt. 24.

Margaret Goodwin