Letter to the Editor: President can get back to business

Now that this sham of an inquisition is over and our president, Donald J. Trump, has been acquitted of all charges, I hope that the so-called representatives will get back to the job they were sent to Washington for — to serve the American people and not their own selves.

How about giving our president credit for a booming economy (more money in 401Ks then ever before), lowest unemployment across the board for blacks, Latinos and, yes, whites then the previous administration. Our military is stronger and our country once again is respected around the world.

Our president did not bow to the king of Egypt, Syria or the Sudan as in the past. He stood strong and defended our country in the face of adversity.

The Dems on the Hill planned this impeachment before November 2016 when they found that Mr. Trump was the nominee.

The Republicans and Conservatives didn’t try to impeach President Obama for running guns to the cartel (which came back to kill border patrol agents) or having the IRS scandal take place or even when he talked with Russia’s president Putin and said that he could do more for him once the election is over.

Then we find that, through Hillary, 20 percent of our uranium was sold to Russia. There was a quid pro quo that the whole thing was based on the Clinton Foundation would receive a bundle of cash after all was said and done. And then there was Joe who took his son on Air Force 2 to the Ukraine for a business dealing that amounted to millions of dollars. But, that’s another story.

John Gondeck
Denton, Md.