Letter to the Editor: President is abusing office, taxpayers

It was announced recently that the Department of Justice is attempting to take over the defense of the president for a defamation lawsuit concerning an alleged rape he may or may not have committed in the mid-1990s.

I as a taxpayer — and for that matter all the taxpaying public — should be outraged that Attorney General William Barr, in coordination with Donald Trump, would even think about pulling a stunt like this. This is a private matter for the president, and the alleged behavior occurred long before he was elected.

No matter who you are for or against in this election, my view would be the same for whomever is in office. You cannot use taxpayer funds to pay for the defense of your personal life and behavior.

Donald Trump is in the Fortune 400 as one of the 400 wealthiest people in America. His daily income from personal business likely is more than he would pay for his entire defense team. He can afford to pay his own legal bills. Why does he deserve, for free, the best defense which taxpayer money can buy when the poor and indigent only get a public defender who is barely out of law school? Again, no matter who you are voting for or against and no matter who is in office, this idea of using taxpayer money to benefit oneself in a personal matter cannot be allowed.

All taxpayers should write their congressional delegation and tell them you flat-out refuse to pay one penny of our taxes for anyone’s personal behavior, no matter who they are and what office they hold.

Theo Dressler