Letter to the Editor: Pro-life? Or just pro-birth?

You can’t hide the truth: The Republican Party is not a pro-life party or a family value party.

Here is a false narrative: I have been told that Donald Trump is better for the economy and that I can’t vote for Joe Biden because I am pro-life, and he is pro-choice. Many of my neighbors have told me they cannot in good faith vote for Joe Biden because he believes in choice and will allow women to have abortions in the United States.

Many other neighbors believe they are following the Creator’s plan by allowing women to have the freewill to choose, and when they do, it is the Creator’s judgment alone that counts, not ours. They believe it is wrong to assume the role of the Creator and to create laws that deny others from choosing. They believe the Creator gave each of us the unalienable freewill to choose and they alone shall be subject to his judgment. Donald Trump, on the other hand, wants to stop all abortions in the United States by his authority and dominate over the freewill of all American women to choose.

Let’s be perfectly clear: Donald Trump is pro-birth, not pro-life. He wants nothing to do with the lives of the children after the birth.

In addition, he and top Republican officials have stated publicly that we must sacrifice the lives of some seniors and risk the lives of some schoolchildren for the good of the nation. They are not pro-life. They have diminished the value of the lives of our fellow senior Americans and our own school-age children and are willing to risk their lives for a good stock market/economy. These Trump Republicans have diminished the humanity of all Americans. They are not pro-life, and they have no respect for your life either. The irony is that, in the end, Trump’s coronavirus policy will destroy many lives in America and wreck the American economy, as well! They can’t connect the fact that the economy is tied into coronavirus policy.

America is being judged by our values. Do we value life, the money market or a policy that slowly balances the recovery of both?

Give us steady Joe. Save lives and the economy and keep your freewill. Joe helped save us in 2008, and he can help us again in 2021. Use your voice now and be sure to vote.

Vote for Joe Biden in 2020.

Carl Ballato
Rehoboth Beach