Letter to the Editor: Proposal would stall new medications

Though this year has largely stalled due to COVID-19, progress is still being made in a multitude of areas. Ultimately, as time passes, we all have to keep moving forward, and our elected officials must create a legislative environment that ensures that. But unfortunately, the Trump administration is pursuing an executive order that represents a step in the wrong direction for patients and our biopharmaceutical industry.

Donald Trump is targeting high drug prices by suggesting the implementation of the International Pricing Index (IPI) in his most-favored-nation executive order. By tacking the price of American medication to foreign medications, this policy threatens to redirect the resources that the biopharmaceutical companies need to develop new medications.

For me, this is personal. My son suffers from severe allergies. There’s no cure, of course, and he relies on the same allergy medications and treatments that most do for care and cases of emergencies. It’s difficult to navigate, and I sincerely hope that the biopharmaceutical industry is able to make scientific breakthroughs regarding allergies in his lifetime.

But, as it would with a vaccine for COVID-19, an IPI would hinder those pursuing cures. I hope that our legislative officials will speak up in opposition to this policy, which threatens key biopharmaceutical developments at a critical time.

Michele McLaughlin