Letter to the Editor: Pure politics indeed

In her letter to the editor, “Impeachment is ‘pure politics” Ms. Jane Brady claims that the impeachment of Donald Trump would be thrown out of court because it is pure politics and there was no misconduct that would warrant impeachment.

I suspect her opinion has more to with her role as Chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party, than as she claims, her experience as a former prosecutor and attorney general in Delaware. I wonder how many presidential impeachments she was involve in during her law career?

As a prosecutor, AG, or Superior Court judge, would she opine there was no misconduct if you or I ignored a subpoena, even if we thought our trial was unfair? And although I don’t have the extensive legal background of Ms. Brady, if I ordered those in my employ to ignore their subpoenas, I suspect that too would be a crime.

In my case, if there was no misconduct, I wouldn’t have to be subpoenaed, let alone ignore one, to present evidence that I was innocent.

Ms. Brady states, “We the Republican Party of Delaware stand together with President Donald Trump.” even before the Senate trial. And, the majority party in the Senate does not want documents or witnesses during this “trial” because they claim to have already made up their minds prior to taking an oath to be impartial.

Yes Ms. Brady, I’m sorry to have to say that this impeachment has become pure politics.

Don Wujtewicz