Letter to the Editor: Putting the fires out should be the priority

If I were a candidate running for a new job or trying to keep the one I have, I would have every plane and every helicopter in the United States in the air putting out the fires.

There are people dying, people who are losing their homes — homes that they have worked all their lives for. The wildlife, destroyed. You should have been out there as soon as this started. Instead, all I have heard this election is the most important thing: making bad remarks against one another. Stupidity.

My heart goes out to the young ones growing up. They will never know the beautiful world we have had. They will only know about wildlife from pictures. How sad.

Being that I am on a roll, I think we should have at least three or four running for president. At least we would have a clear choice. This way, we only have two. Only choice: the lesser of the two evils.

Gladys Groff