Letter to the Editor: Questions about Senator Bikeway from someone who lives nearby

I read the Asay commentary on the Senator Bikeway (“To be a bike-friendly community, safety of bikeway is essential,” Delaware State News, April 2, 2020), and as one who lives in the area I would like to ask:

1. If the west-to-east route is so vital for cyclists, why does it end at the railroad and not extend to Route 13 – or even more mindblowing – why does it start at Saulsbury Road and not the city line?

2. Have you seen the large city trucks and construction trucks entering Division Street from West Street? They literally have shut down oncoming traffic to avoid tearing down the silly pegs.

3. I have not seen one person ride inside those intended guidelines.

True, the area does have people who ride bikes to and from work to survive this life; discussing that point is another cup of coffee. But if you were to see them, they are on the side streets, taking shortcuts.

State and city planners dropped the ball here. Ask the businesspeople west of the tracks.

Charles White

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Asay’s commentary said out the bikeway construction is not yet complete: “More of the Senator Bikeway will be constructed in the years to come, to the west along Route 8, and to the east along Kings Highway NE.”