Letter to the Editor: Rayshard Brooks, a senseless death

Rayshard Brooks fell asleep in his car while in line at a Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta. Police were in the process of arresting him when he attempted to run away. Officer Garrett Rolfe shot him twice in the back. Mr. Brooks died.

What could have happened:

Officer Rolfe: “In light of what is happening in this nation right now, I’m going to move your car, Mr. Brooks, over to that parking space. I’m calling Uber, and you’re going home. Come back tomorrow and get your keys and car. Then, report to the police station.”

Officer Devin Brosnan: “I’ll tell the manager in Wendy’s that your car will be in the parking lot overnight, so there won’t be any problems.”

Mr. Brooks: “Thank you.”

Result: Tomika Miller still has her husband.

Mr. Brooks’ children still have their father.

A different kind of story spreads through the neighborhood.

The city senses a move in the right direction.

A nation hears about a moment of kindness instead of another unwarranted death.

Dan Laughman