Letter to the Editor: Re-opening schools is critical

Education is fundamental to the American way of life. Our nation’s character is dependent upon well-educated citizens to carry the torch of freedom forward, ensuring America’s continuation as a society controlled by self-government.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the educational landscape in the past six months. It feels almost as if it were a past life when we packed our children’s lunches and made sure they safely boarded their school buses each day so they could develop their minds, imaginations and unique talents alongside their friends.

The stark reality of today is the opposite of what we imagine for our children: Instead of sitting among fellow pupils, friends and teachers, our children now sit isolated and alone in front of screens, leading to detrimental effects to learning and development.

As the COVID-19 virus continues its downward spiral, it is imperative that we begin the overdue process of safely reopening schools, restoring our children to where they belong: the classroom.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democratic Party have no feasible plan for reopening America’s schools, relying instead on outdated talking points of a one-size-fits-all method, regardless if it contradicts scientific developments on the transmission of COVID-19 between youth. Many Americans think that the continued plans to keep children locked out of classrooms, away from friends and in-person instruction, is not only foolhardy but detrimental to emotional and social development.

It is imperative for our children’s future and our nation’s continued success for students to safely resume in-person instruction.

President Donald Trump understands this necessity. Unlike his opponents, who have politicized the issue, President Trump is hard at work, dedicated to the task of safely reopening schools, knowing that failure to do so will have lifelong effects on the building blocks of success for the next generation.

Thankfully, the great task of safely reopening our schools is already underway. Requesting increased funding for schools and additional support for our nation’s teachers and students, the president is leading the way, knowing that no American schoolchild deserves to be left behind.

Reopening schools would result in another desperately needed event — children’s providers returning to their jobs.

In the wake of the pandemic, many parents were hard hit as they attempted to navigate the priorities of being both their child’s teacher and provider. With the president’s plan to safely reopen schools, parents no longer need to choose between their child’s education development and being their provider.

While reopening schools is no easy task, Americans have and will always overcome and endure any obstacle. From the spring when many of us suddenly found ourselves thrust into the role of teacher, to the sudden downturn in the economy, to the economy’s upward surge, many are ready to safely reopen schools and ensure children’s successes as the leaders of tomorrow, paving the way for a new American century.

Rob Arlett
State chairman, Delaware Trump Campaign