Letter to the Editor: Reelect Ennis for state senator

I do not usually get involved in primaries for public office, but this is a difficult year, and we need the best that we can have to continue to move Delaware forward. That’s why I support Bruce Ennis for state Senate. He has the experience and qualifications to represent citizens in the 14th Senatorial District.

Love, compassion, sacrifice and loyalty for our state and community are just a few words that describe Mr. Ennis. He has many years of experience in the Senate and the knowledge to help move this state forward, as he has shown us in the past.

Let’s look at some of the state committees he serves on: the Delaware State Legislature’s Joint Finance, Judicial, Corrections & Public Safety, Finance and Veterans Affairs committees, along with the Agriculture Committee of the Delaware State Senate.

Mr. Ennis is very committed to veterans, supporting adequate funding for programs to provide the men and women who fought for our country with the support they need to stay healthy, get an education and find a good job. No other candidate running in this election has done more for our veterans than Sen. Ennis.

Bruce Ennis stands for law and order, having been a Delaware state trooper for many years. He knows how to protect the citizens of this state.

Sen. Ennis is very concerned about citizens in Delaware who are losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills. He is doing all he can to find and help create good jobs, along with health care benefits for working families.

Many people continue to struggle to find good employment and provide for their families during the hard times brought on by the coronavirus. The senator is always there to help Delawareans.

During these very difficult and emotional times he has remained focused on helping his constituents.The economic struggles of the past few months because of the coronavirus have been particularly hard on our seniors, many of whom live on fixed incomes with no health insurance while they fight the virus. Sen. Ennis is doing all he can to make sure our seniors have the assistance they need.

In closing, Bruce Ennis blends energy, dedication and diligence with hard work. That’s his greatest asset to the people of the 14th Senatorial District here in Delaware, and that’s why I support Bruce Ennis for state senator.

David W. Mazur