Letter to the Editor: Rep. Bryan Shupe works for all

I support Rep. Bryan Shupe, R-Milford, for the state House of Representatives’ 36th District because, during his first term, he worked toward improving the communities that he serves with clean drinking water, bettering local roadways and continuing to push for quality health care in Sussex County. Rep. Shupe tirelessly went door to door to many of our rural citizens to assist them in getting clean drinking water, something that many of us may take for granted.

At his 2020 campaign rally, Rep. Shupe gave a riveting speech in response to moving forward thorough our current pandemic, having the community and law enforcement work together, and easing the hassle of finding a primary-care physician. Each one of these key points affects me directly, and I put my trust in Bryan that he will work toward effective solutions for these concerns.

I support Rep. Shupe, because he is a leader that listens to our community members, not only during election time, but continuously. He is constantly in the community, either giving back, answering questions or asking questions. When it comes to his service, he serves everyone.

Ya’nelle Powell