Letter to the Editor: Rep. Yearick deserves reelection

I support Rep. Lyndon Yearick, R-Camden, for the state House of Representatives’ 34th District because, during his past three terms, he has consistently served the needs and interests of all residents of the district.

There has been a lot of discussion about law enforcement and community relationships this year, but Rep. Yearick has worked with police and our community to try and improve relationships and reduce recidivism years before it was all over the news. He has held town hall events and participated in workshops that bring the community and law enforcement together, as well as let residents simulate what it is like to reenter society with many of the limitations that come with being an ex-offender.

During this year’s COVID-19 shutdowns, Rep. Yearick was instrumental in assisting our family business in navigating the new public health requirements, so we could reopen as soon as we were allowed to and could do so safely. We deserve to have him represent us for two more years.

Patrick Boyle