Letter to the Editor: Researching Trump’s disapproval ratings

Regarding Mr. McDevitt’s inquiry in the DSN titled “How do you know what they think?” he can rest assured that my conclusions were not pulled out of a rabbit’s hat. (Refer to acclaimed Military Times columnist Leo Shane’s article “Troops opinion of Trump heads down.”)

President Trump’s approval rating has continued to slip among active duty military personnel the last three years in an annual poll conducted by the Military Times in collaboration with the Institute for Veterans and Military families (IVMF) research team from Syracuse University.  

Their yearly poll is a voluntary confidential online survey with 28 questions for verified active duty personnel who are readers of Military Times publications. 

Questions soliciting opinions are about the current political climate, policy, and national security. There were 1,608 responses among one third of those calling themselves conservative, one quarter identified as liberal, and almost fifty percent as independents. Of the respondents, 93% were male and 8% female. Standard methodology indicated a margin of error around two percent for most questions.  This year’s results had a continued slipping 41% approval rating and a 50% disapproval rating for Trump.

Military generals generally disapproved of a majority of Trump’s foreign policy decisions, and the researchers noted that departing Secretary of Defense retired Gen. Mattis has an approval rating of 87%. (Gen. Mattis advised “that he had no other choice but to leave due to disagreements with the president’s policies.”)

Let the chips fall where they may.  It is what it is, Bob!

Bill Clemens
Rehoboth Beach