Letter to the Editor: Retiring Levy Court president endorses Masten

As we prepare to vote Sept. 15 in a primary election for Kent County Levy Court commissioner, I feel it is important for you to select Joanne Masten. Retired from Hercules and a lifetime resident of the 1st Levy Court District, Joanne will bring a wealth of experience and leadership to our county government.

It is hard to find anyone in our community any more involved than Joanne. She is a charter member of the Smyrna High School/JBM Alumni Association, a board member of Friends of Belmont Hall, the vice president of Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library, a board member at the Lillian Smith Senior Center, the treasurer of the Smyrna-Clayton July 4th Foundation, a member of the Kent Economic Partnership, a member of the Smyrna Economic Development Committee and vice president of the Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association. Politically, she was elected in 2011 to Smyrna Town Council and served four years as the mayor of Smyrna from 2013-17.

Joanneā€™s knowledge of the district, which includes Smyrna, Clayton, Leipsic, Kenton, Cheswold, Hartly and Woodland Beach, makes her aware of your concerns. She will readily answer your calls and make resolution in a timely and efficient manner. She will be your full-time Levy Court commissioner. Her cell number is (302) 270-1747, and she will always take your call.

For these reasons, I support Joanne Masten to fill the seat from which I am retiring.

P. Brooks Banta
President, Kent County Levy Court, 1st District