Letter to the Editor: Richardson’s record worthy of governor’s seat

I met Sen. Bryant Richardson, R-Seaford, more than two years ago before he was a candidate for governor. He was part of a group researching and reviewing solutions to issues in job creation, safety, education, the economy, pro-life matters, the Second Amendment and addiction in Delaware. Over time, I was struck by his knowledge and his respectful and pleasant demeanor toward others.

When he decided to run for governor, I believed we needed such a person. But could such an affable person without a Donald Trump-like charismatic exterior attract voters, since his quiet persistence and polite demeanor might be confused as not strong? I searched his Senate history to decide if he had spine and integrity to propose legislation to a governing body dominated by the opposing party.

I found strength and determination in his votes for values benefiting Delawareans, a sign of an effective governor.

Some things I discovered:

• Safety: The senator authored a human trafficking bill, passed into law by both parties. Who knew Delaware ranked fifth-highest among all the states in rates of human trafficking?

• School choice: He supports parental school choice because Delaware students should not be stuck in underperforming schools.

• Economy: Home of Hope, delaware

• Pro-life: He is the only senator to propose legislation to protect unborn babies from the painful abortion process once they can feel pain. Richardson would not be bullied by Planned Parenthood. He also proposed the right of a woman to see her ultrasound before deciding about an abortion, if she so chooses.

• Women’s and youth’s drug-use prevention and addiction: Sen. Richardson pushed to secure funding for Home of Hope treatment facility for addicted women, and $400,000 was approved. He authored the resolution for the Delaware Youth Drug Prevention Curriculum Task Force to find the best tools to dissuade youth from using drugs.

• Second Amendment: He has a top National Rifle Association rating. His clear answer: “no infringements.”

I needed to know that Sen. Richardson and I were on the same issues page but also that he would fight for them. My question was, could a genuinely respectful, ethical, likable human being also be a man of action with a steely persistence? After my research, I came away convinced “yes.” I can heartily support his campaign for governor and urge you to, also.

Al Frech