Letter to the Editor: Rush to judgment? Open your eyes!

This is in response to Robert Gouge’s opinion on the George Floyd case (“Don’t rush to judgment in George Floyd case,” June 11).

What do you mean by judgment? You saw what happened! The whole, wide world saw what happened.

I don’t know where you got your numbers on white and black killings. I know for a fact that white police have been killing black people for years and getting away with it from the beginning of time!

Maybe you haven’t witnessed a police officer using excessive force on an individual without some jurisdiction. However, that does not mean that it hasn’t been happening for years!

As for the full investigation coming: investigate what? The video speaks volumes. George was already handcuffed and in custody, and at that time, was not a threat to anyone! The one cop, Derek Chauvin, had so many complaints against him that he didn’t even have any business still being a cop.

I guess this is another example of white privilege by some cops who have deep-seated racist roots. Yes, there are a lot of good cops out there, there’s no disputing that. There are also a lot of bad cops out there who hide behind a badge and gun for permission to do whatever they want and, yes, even kill whoever they want, without any consequences or repercussions!

What makes your article sound so foolish coming from a retired law enforcement officer is the fact that there are a lot of good cops who don’t like what they witnessed and don’t approve of the actions of those four (former) police officers.

In fact, the majority of the country, white and black, is outraged at what we witnessed and demand a time for change by any means necessary, either by police reform or a culture reform. Something needs to change today!

So, I ask you this question: What does that say about your thinking? You, who said you haven’t seen almost any reporting of relevant statistics to support the allegations of a sustained campaign by all law enforcement to assault and kill minorities.

First of all, not all law enforcement is guilty of this! Second of all, you said the phrase “almost no reporting,” as an acknowledgement that it is happening. It’s happening, it’s been happening, and it needs to stop.

This country is changing culturally. The majority is now united and more together now than we’ve ever been before. That’s the only good thing that came out of the George Floyd execution. We as a people, white and black and all other ethnicities, are more united. This is just a small preview of what’s going to come Nov. 3. Change is coming, and it’s been a long time coming!

Those former police officers treated George Floyd worse than a dog! Thank God the young lady recorded the murder. How many other murders of black men by police have happened that we don’t even know about? Even the police that are trustworthy and decent stepped up and condemned the conduct of those former police officers.

Why do you think all these people are protesting all over the world and not just in the United States? Chauvin keeping his knee on George Floyd’s neck long after he didn’t have a pulse is a sign of contempt, hatred and intent! Investigate what?

Francis A Bethel III