Letter to the Editor: Russum the right choice for Levy Court’s 1st District

I am supporting Morgan Russum in her first election to represent the residents of Kent County Levy Court’s 1st District.

Levy Court is your county government — it is responsible for public safety, including paramedic services; planning and zoning; economic development; property assessment; wastewater management; county parks and recreation; and many other critical services.

Levy Court needs to evolve, and we need a Levy Court commissioner who will bring a fresh perspective to the job. Its 2018 comprehensive plan has largely collected dust; master planning efforts that target specific areas for economic development, including areas near Smyrna/Clayton, have stalled; plans to expand broadband in the county have only now been delegated to a working group while the state charges ahead with broadband expansion; and young adults are leaving the area for economic opportunities, leaving behind parents who are aging in place in a county that doesn’t even list resources for seniors and residents with disabilities on its website. After ignoring property reassessment for nearly 30 years, a Delaware court ruled the county’s property tax system is unconstitutional and will require focused attention over the coming years to address.

Kent County needs to balance its growth with its agricultural roots and small-town charm. We need a commissioner who has raised a family in town but has a working family farm. We need a commissioner with children in the school district and who understands the need for good jobs for young adults in our county. The current group of seven commissioners has a collective more than 90 years of governing the county — do you think your county government ought to do better? The typical cry for term limits this time of year is really a cry for fewer politicians and more public servants. Kent County needs a public servant.

Morgan has lived in the Smyrna area for the past 15 years and has been involved in extracurricular school activities, Scouting groups and the local fire company. She has a paralegal degree and more than 20 years’ experience in customer service.

Jeff Hall
Kent County Levy Court
2nd District Commissioner, Dover