Letter to the Editor: Safety precautions are part of the plan for wind farm

Your letter writer, Paul Breger, wrote (Nov. 27, 2019) that he is concerned about magnetic currents at the Fenwick Island State Park.

Perhaps he was not listening to the presentation at the Indian River High School when the Orsted engineer pointed out that the 8-inch cable will be connected to an onshore substation by horizontal drilling, bringing the cable ashore 30 feet under the beach.

That’s 30 feet under the earth, not disturbing the surface. So the potential for any magnetic forces reaching anyone sitting on the beach are minuscule. Then, there are the precautions that the wind farm developer mentioned, protective casing of the cable to further minimize any danger and prevent any water getting into the cable.

Mr. Breger also mentioned protective fencing around other high voltage facilities. As noted at the meeting and on the handouts, the substation is protected from the public by fencing and is located at the far north end of the park, far away from the other facilities that might attract beach-goers.

So, again, safety considerations have been included in the draft proposal. If he or others have constructive suggestions for improving safety, I feel sure that the Parks Division would be pleased to hear from you.

Charlie Garlow
Rehoboth Beach