Letter to the Editor: Same old drama with executive orders

The drama that is playing out in Washington is both familiar and sinister. We are used to the fact that the Republicans are not willing to compromise with the Democrats in any meaningful way, and claim that the country can’t afford more money to help economic victims of the pandemic and that giving additional unemployment compensation is a disincentive to go back to work.

In fear of crossing Donald Trump, the GOP leadership appears OK with the president’s assurance of an executive order providing, until the end of the year, $300 per month for unemployment, contingent on the states kicking in an additional $100. Other orders include payroll tax relief and eviction suspension.

The sinister part of this is that the president does not have the power to make these orders. New money and tax changes must come from Congress. But for those of us who remember the “Ukraine affair,” Trump is up to his old schemes, only this time it takes the following implicit form: “Agree to give me dictatorial powers, and I will give these people money for food and shelter until the end of the year.”

Fred Longacre