Letter to the Editor: Scarane is right choice for Senate

There has never been a more crucial time to rid ourselves of special interests at all levels of government. Delaware has an opportunity to place a new breed of elected official in the halls of the U.S. Senate, one who will represent all of us.

Jessica Scarane is currently running in the Senate primary against Chris Coons. It is well-known that Coons is supported by a lengthy list of corporations — Mountaire, Blue Cross Blue Shield, DuPont and Gilead, among them — unlike Scarane who takes no corporate PAC money.

Unlike Coons, Scarane’s platform is built on policies intended to directly impact families, not corporations. She endorses universal medical care as a right, not a privilege; holding corporations responsible for the toxins they release into our air and water; strengthening and expanding Social Security; and raising the minimum wage to a level on which people can actually survive. In my view, these are not radical ideas. They are human ideals to which we all should subscribe.

The Senate primary is scheduled for Sept. 15. It’s time for we Delawareans to have a senator in Washington who represents us, not corporations.

Linda Apgar