Letter to the Editor: Sea level rise commentary ‘ridiculous’

As someone who occasionally contributes to the editorial page, I have sometimes been challenged on the factuality of content.

Yet today, you allowed two people make a pitch on global warming saying something easily verifiable (“Protecting Delawareans from the fossil fuel industry,” Sept. 17): Just exactly where in Delaware has the state “experienced over 1 foot sea level rise” as stated?

The commentary is even more ridiculous when all one needs to do is ride down Del. 1 toward Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Fenwick Island. It would take a shoehorn to get another house within 5 miles of that highway, and they’re still developing the dune areas.

Perhaps it would be a better method to use the immortal words of Rep. Hank Johnson, which described how increased presence on Guam would lead to sinking the island.

George Roof