Letter to the Editor: Senate resolution will take a stand for us against Citizens United

Regarding Senate Concurrent Resolution 72: It’s about time the country finally gets its act together. After 10 years of chest beating to overturn Citizens United (more aptly termed “Corporations United”), we see the us-against-them mantra crushing our souls, eroding our common sense, and worse yet, dividing our United States.

The 2010 ruling was never about us, and it is neither conservative nor liberal. It was “corporatist” efforts to take away our democracy by buying decisions that support profits, not the interests or well-being of we the people.  And it’s working.

Time to unite. We need to help our country restore its promise of a democracy-for-all proposed legislation in both HJR 2 and SJR 51 in the U.S. Congress by supporting SCR 72 here at home.

Sharon Kwiatkowski