Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight on impeachment effort

Mr. Roof, I read your commentary DSN Nov 29. (“Impeachment a ‘misuse’ and abuse of power’”) Another verbal tirade that was unneeded or warranted. He (Trump) kicked up a fuss about there was no collusion with Russia, got cleared of those charges, then strutted around the country like he was exonerated of his other criminal acts. Then the special prosecutor (Muller) had to go back in front of the media and explain “No he’s not”. More will come out.

True, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution in plain language, but nothing has been changed to modern language. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. This whole impeachment inquiry would not be going on if Trump would quit asking these foreign countries for favors to get dirt on his political opponents.

Look, what we have seen the past few days, why were all these people/agencies listening in on this phone call?. His people are singing like canaries in a pet store and it looks bad, the CEO of the executive branch is about to get fired. Here we have a diplomat (Maria Yovanovich) with 30-plus years in the diplomatic corps being badmouthed by Trump while on Twitter during her deposition.

The whistleblowers, Mr. Roof, are protected under the Whistleblower Act. Adam Schiff’s actions are justifiable. We still don’t know what the whistleblower(s) are in possession of. As for the impeachments, only one president has been (Andrew Johnson), Richard Nixon resigned, and with William Jefferson Clinton, both political parties could not come to a consensus.

Now, let us unmuddy the waters with Joe Biden and the video everyone kept writing in about (Council on Foreign Relations 2018). I watched it myself. That was not bragging, but a lot of exaggeration.

The VP does not have the authority to withhold foreign aid, only the president does.

And now let us look at Hunter Biden’s qualifications: Graduate Georgetown U, BS History, Yale Law School JD. After law school, MBNA America Executive VP. From 98-01 Department Of Commerce specialty in e-commerce policy. That same year appointed by G.W. Bush on the board of Amtrak from 2006 to 2009 and the board’s vice chair until he resigned in 2009.

Burisma’s problems started in 2014, long before Hunter Biden got there, Burisma hired Hunter Biden to help it align corporate best practices. Hunter was making 50k a month with Burisma and is now with the company BHR. The amount Trump lied about was not 1.5 billion, but 4.2 million.

With BHR, Hunter Biden’s position is unfunded.

Lonnie Brewer

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