Letter to the Editor: So much effort wasted on ousting Trump

It amazes me how much effort Nancy Pelosi and friends have wasted since Day One to oust President Donald Trump.

Every issue that came up or any story concocted has been blamed on him. If this same effort was put forth in helping our nation, maybe a lot more would be accomplished by now. No. 1: bringing prayer and God back in schools. No. 2: working on the illegal immigration issue. No. 3: creating jobs. That’s just to name a few. The creating jobs thing would be to bring them back to our country from the countries where they were sent.

Normally, I do not watch the news. Media personnel are not my favorite people, but I do read the paper from time to time and that’s how I see how our paid leaders spend their time. It’s agreed that President Trump is not the most tactful human being, and yes, he can be crass and downright rude. But you know what? We might be, as well, if we had been tormented the way he has been since his presidential win. Which brings me back to the original subject: Members of Congress need to use their efforts to help our country, not satisfy their own agendas.

Debbie Hilton