Letter to the Editor: Some things you plan and some things you don’t

Some things in life you plan. I planned to be the best that I could be in fighting waste and fraud in government benefits. I set up a system that fought food stamp trafficking. I did not plan to be recognized and for my ideas to become a foundation for a national model.

I planned to help families get the child support due them. I did not plan to get recognized by the FBI and the state of New Jersey for finding an abducted child here in Delaware.

I planned to be a justice of the peace and state constable many years ago. I did not plan for that to be valuable experience in understanding public safety from the ground up in these troubled times.

I planned to fight injustice and discrimination as deputy director of Delaware’s Labor Law Enforcement/Antidiscrimination Section. I did not plan for these to be hot issues in our community years later.

I planned to dedicate time to serve my neighbors as a civilian member of city government. I did not plan for a councilman to resign and open up a unique opportunity to bring the experience I’ve gained as a member of the Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee, the chair of the Dover mayor’s Citizen Advisory Committee, the chair of Dover’s Board of Assessment Appeals, a leader of the Bicentennial Village Civic Association, a member of the Citizens Budget Oversight Committee for the Capital School District, a member of the Open Government Committee of the League of Women Voters of Delaware and a member of the Delaware SPCA to a higher level of service in troubled times.

Life in 2020 has not gone as planned, but sometimes, the twists and turns of life are as important as the road we planned to travel. I ask for your vote Tuesday.

Thank you for your consideration.

Will Garfinkel
Candidate for Dover City Council
1st District