Letter to the Editor: Speech teletherapy benefits children, free resources available

“Learning curve: Parents grapple with realities of remote schooling” (May 31) gave a perfect illustration of what parents of young children have had to deal with the last 11 weeks. Whoever thought that pandemic-linked home schooling via computer would ever happen? Now, it almost seems the norm.

Hopefully, this will be the last time in the academic lives of young people, in which they are forced to have all classes via the internet. Of course, now it seems that online learning will gain some type of foothold in education after the COVID-19 restrictions.

I am glad to see mention of speech therapy via teletherapy because after the pandemic restrictions are over, the public will have learned the value of teletherapy, which can help both adults and children in rural areas without easy access to a speech-language pathologist.

Also, it is important that parents realize that every child in the United States with a speech problem of any kind has the right to free speech therapy from ages 3 to 21, which was mandated by federal legislation the 1970s. If more parents knew of this free access to speech therapy, more children would be helped.

A great resource on accessing this free speech therapy is the brochure “Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter” on the website of the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation (https://www.stutteringhelp.org), a site that offers many free resources on stuttering. The brochure stresses that every speech problem is encompassed by this amazing benefit of free therapy.

I know that there will be a follow-up article sometime in the next school year about how kids are adjusting back to “normal” classroom learning and how parents are relieved of their roles resulting from online learning. With all the negative things that routinely brew on the internet, your article showed some positive aspects of the internet, such as online learning and online speech therapy.

Edward Herrington
Naples, Fla.