Letter to the Editor: Stop blocking pharma innovation

The president’s latest attempts to thwart biopharmaceutical innovation and research must be stopped. Through an executive order in late July, the administration pledged to implement an International Pricing Index, linking prices of American medication to that of foreign nations. This policy, known as “Most Favored Nations,” will harm investment in advancing treatments and medication, which is a threat to patients like my son and everyone at risk of contracting COVID-19. I sincerely encourage you to voice your opposition to this measure.

I am the primary caregiver for my son, Christopher. He was born premature and suffered a brain injury as a result. He is fully dependent upon me, along with multiple professional caregivers, for survival. Together, we are responsible for fulfilling his most basic needs.

Additionally, Christopher requires almost 30 medications daily. Without them, his struggles would be that much more severe — these medications are his lifeline. I’m grateful he’s lived to benefit from biopharmaceutical innovation, but COVID-19 imposes new threats. I doubt he’d survive a bout with this virus..

Regardless, I look forward to a day where advancements in science, technology and medicine help Christopher heal and maybe even gain some control over his life. However, the Most Favored Nations order works counter to a future where that is likely. It includes the International Pricing Index, and in practice, it would likely decrease investments in biopharmaceutical innovation and make access to treatments much more difficult. To me, this is unacceptable and especially now, as many Americans are watching loved ones grapple with an illness that has no cure.

Nancy Lemus
New Castle