Letter to the Editor: Stop complaining and do something

Once again we have a person in show business making a statement about the detention centers at our borders.

Now let us look back three years ago and then the media and actors and singers and even Congress was saying nothing about the detention centers that where there before then. I think they all should be thanking President Trump for getting everyone involved now because when he started having the laws enforced is only reason they started complaining about them.

Before that, they didn’t care but because it was Trump they had to complain. But let us look at what never happened, Our Congress, Democrats and Republicans did nothing to come up with new laws on how to fix the problem that was there before he was elected even though media and Congress and every one else will not admit it.

Shame on all of you for still not getting any new laws and all the media and show business people should have pressured your friends in Congress to get on the stick instead of just complaining. You’re as much to blame as them. Complaining gets nothing done and to keep saying something on TV does nothing either as we seen for three years now that you are aware of problem.

JLo, call your Congress friends and get them to come up with something instead of blaming President Trump for making America aware of the problem. It was all there when Obama was president too.

Marvin Fortney