Letter to the Editor: Supply and demand in Sussex

It never ceases to amaze me how much people do not when they write to the paper. Ms. Smith writes about the traffic woes in Sussex County and speaks of DNREC not having a bypass meeting. (Letter to the Editor, Dec. 25) Unless it involves a bog turtle DNREC has nothing to do with our highways, DelDOT does. DelDOT in Delaware, unlike a lot of states, controls 95% of the roads, in other states the cities, towns, or counties control the roads.

Ms. Smith wants overpasses at a cost of several million dollars apiece, I say do some investigation before you move here. Traffic at the beach sucks it has for 20 years. I have watched Rt. 54 grow and grow. Do I like it? No I do not. I do not like all the folks moving here for our way of like then complain about our way of life. You move in, my taxes go up. No, please stay away. We made out just fine when the population here was 600,000 now almost a million and way more problems then needed. I remember the beach area when no one wanted to buy land. There it was a passing fad.

The final thing she missed was the fact about the state giving out the building permits. The county controls the building permits — not the state. The state has never issued a building permit. Then dream up a lot of things the county must consider prior to issuing the building permits. Growth affects more then just the roads, sewer and water, police, fire and ambulance, schools, and many other things. If you wish to stop or slow growth, speak with your county representative.

It boils down to one thing — supply and demand. If I own a piece of land and someone wants to give me 10 times what it is worth, why should I be penalized for owning ground? It is not just the beach, it is all over — Dover, Kent County, Millsboro, Georgetown, pick a place.

Kevin Wilson